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Green Circle Preschool Returns to its Roots

Generous Donation Allows Green Circle Preschool to Return to its Roots Parkallen Community League presented Green Circle Preschool Association with $5000 to implement nature focused program enhancements and attract new families. Children today often spend their time indoors playing video games. However, this wasn’t always the case. Green Circle Preschool was originally conceived in the 1960’s as a unique educational experience for very young
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A Letter from Ms. Angie

Hello Green Circle Families! Our children are a constant reminder of how quickly time passes us by and this past year has been no exception. What a marvel it is to witness their growth and development! 2014 was filled with many exciting changes for Green Circle Preschool. Our playhouse was “renovated” and is now a beautiful Tree House. The children were thrilled with the changes
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