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A Letter from Ms. Angie

Hello Green Circle Families!

Our children are a constant reminder of how quickly time passes us by and this past year has been no exception. What a marvel it is to witness their growth and development! 2014 was filled with many exciting changes for Green Circle Preschool. Our playhouse was “renovated” and is now a beautiful Tree House. The children were thrilled with the changes to our classroom and what a treat it was to see their reactions. They have been enjoying the new felt board and puzzles purchased as part of our program specialization. We have started to accumulate nature specimens and will continue to add to our collection throughout the year. If you, your friends or family members have any nature specimens to donate to the program we would be so grateful. The kid’s love examining these specimens and it nurtures their love of nature.

Again, I want to thank all the families for their participation. Your help with fundraising, cleaning dates, parent jobs, and parent helper days is appreciated. I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire executive team. There have been many hours spent on registrations, marketing, treasurer duties and program specialization tasks. Your hard work and efforts are why our program has been so successful. On behalf of all the Green Circle families I want to express our gratitude to you all!

When the weather permits we are outside exploring the great outdoors. We have spent many mornings searching for hares and have seen many tracks and droppings. It is so funny how excited they get when they see “rabbit poop”. I am optimistic that we will catch sight of at least one hare before classes end in May! The children have also enjoyed feeding the birds at the community garden. Some mornings we will all lie quietly on the outdoor blanket and listen for the sweet call of the Chickadees. The outdoor exploration is a highlight of our time together.

We recently completed our “Environment” theme and will be revisiting this theme in April for the week of Earth Day. It was incredible to hear all the kid’s ideas on how to help the environment and I hope you will nurture their desire to help the environment at home. A special welcome to all the new families who have registered with Green Circle Preschool. I look forward to getting to know all our new students and to making new memories for all our students in 2015.

Very Best Regards,

Ms. Angie


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