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Green Circle Preschool Returns to its Roots

Generous Donation Allows Green Circle Preschool to Return to its Roots

Parkallen Community League presented Green Circle Preschool Association with $5000 to implement nature focused program enhancements and attract new families.

Children today often spend their time indoors playing video games. However, this wasn’t always the case. Green Circle Preschool was originally conceived in the 1960’s as a unique educational experience for very young children. It was to exist, literally, under a solarium type dome and was to foster the most liberal concepts of playschool education. As years went on the idea of the dome and the focus on the natural environment faded away.

Thanks to a generous donation of $5000 from the Parkallen Community League, Green Circle Preschool has been able to enhance its program with a renewed focus on teaching children about nature and getting them outdoors. Their contribution has allowed Green Circle to incorporate natural audio, visual and other sensory experiences into the indoor classroom, located within Parkallen Elementary School. The children also spend an increased amount of time outdoors enjoying Parkallen Community’s lush green spaces, new playground and community garden.

Shelagh Pyper, President of Green Circle Preschool Association said “We’re extremely grateful to Parkallen Community League for their support. This donation has made our vision of children learning in and from nature a reality. The new program is already bringing in enrolment levels not seen for several years.”

Julie Beschell from the Parkallen Community League will be presenting a cheque to the Green Circle Preschool Executive at their open house March 4, 2015 at 4:30 pm. Ward 10 Councillor Michael Walters will be attending.

Parents looking to foster a love of nature in their children can learn more about the Green Circle program by emailing info@greencirclepreschool.com.


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