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History of Green Circle Preschool

Green Circle Preschool was first conceived in Edmonton, Alberta, in the 1960s as a unique educational experience for very young children. The plan was for the program to foster the most liberal concepts of playschool education—all underneath a solarium-style dome.

By the early 1970s the idea of the dome had faded, but the basic idea had not. It flourished among a small group of families, and in April 1972, the Green Circle Council came into legal being with six founding members and a large list of essential equipment. Within the year the name had changed to the Green Circle Preschool Association.

The association envisioned 40 children divided into two sessions per day, continuous year-round operation, exceptional equipment, high levels of parental involvement, and two carefully selected and well-salaried teachers. The basic premise was that parents had the right to choose and defend a particular kind of education.

Meetings and workshops were held weekly, and were quite festive, as the association struggled to establish what is now one of the oldest, most successful parent co-operative preschools in Edmonton. By August 1972, Green Circle’s membership had doubled. By 1990 the membership had grown to more than 45. Today we run morning programs of two days per week, with the option of a third. Class sizes are limited to 14, with one teacher overseeing the entire program.

Over the years Green Circle has been housed at several south Edmonton locations, including McKernan School, Lendrum School, Malmo School, and now at Parkallen School. Today, our original learn-through-play concept is still embraced at Green Circle, and we believe the children are the happy benefactors.