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Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives of the Green Circle Program

Social Development

Being part of a group means sharing, waiting one’s turn, and, in general, being polite. Children at Green Circle Preschool learn from each other and co-operate to form new ideas and accomplish tasks. They are able to develop a healthy respect for outside authority without the loss of their rights or self-esteem. This serves as a gentle preparation for the school system.

Physical Development

The Green Circle program provides materials to encourage each child’s manipulative skills, including water and sand tables, playdough, finger and brush painting, crafts, and interest corners. Gym and outdoor  activities, meanwhile, allow for vigourous whole-body activity.

Our location within Parkallen Elementary School allows us access to a full gymnasium, as well as the Parkallen community’s lush green spaces, new playground, and community garden.  Group games, dramatic play, and creative movement are also part of our daily physical activities.


Emotional Development

Each child, at their own pace, learns to accept temporary absence from their parents. There are many different ways to make this transaction pleasant for children and parents alike.

We encourage children to be self-reliant: to get dressed and undressed on their own as much as possible, to set out and clear away crafts, and to take time to clean up in general.

We also encourage individual expression, and we try to heighten each child’s feelings of self-worth whenever possible.

Intellectual Development

Basic mathematical concepts, such as more or less, beginning or end, shapes, measurement, matching like objects, and the recognition of numbers and sequences, are introduced and pointed out when appropriate. Counting is a daily activity in the Green Circle classroom.


Certain concepts are tailored to each child’s level of readiness. Recognizing letters and letter sounds, for instance, can be followed by beginner-level phonics. Rhyming words, tongue twisters, and nursery rhymes may also be used to help develop correct speech patterns.

When a child’s manipulative skills are developed enough, they can be helped to write letters and numbers.

Dramatic and creative play, including puppets, acting out stories and feelings, songs, and finger plays, are all used in the Green Circle classroom. A set of musical instruments is available in the story corner, there are costumes and props in the costume box, and our playhouse is well equipped.

Children are natural investigators, and are also able to learn about science at their own level. They can be encouraged to learn many simple rules of physics at the sand and water tables, with blocks, at the woodwork bench, at crafts, and while using the gym or playground. Similarly, the classroom plants, insects found outside, and even the skills and functions of their own bodies all make for simple yet enjoyable science lessons. A special science centre, with a new activity each week, teaches children about specific scientific ideas  and concepts.

The success of the Green Circle program depends in large part on the teacher. While developing a friendship and mutual respect, the teacher also assesses each child’s areas of interest and development. As their relationship grows, the teacher reinforces areas of learning, corrects misconceptions, and introduces new concepts. In this way, each child has their own personalized “program” within the larger one shared by the rest of the class.

The Green Circle program includes themes that are typically one week  long, but may be longer or shorter depending on the class’s interest level. Field trips and guest presenters are often incorporated into these themes.